i build and lead engineering teams in building extremely robust systems. i do this by having us think comprehensively and adversarially about a codebase, protocol, or mental model. i/we then apply the simplest automation, testing, new mechanisms, or even redesigns to acheive the desired functionality. generally: i just love coding

web3 protocol design and red-teaming

end-to-end specification or review of web3 protocols from all angles:

* on/offchain separation

* liquidity

* game theory and incentive alignment


tell me what you want at the highest level and i'll specify or break your system.

architecture, engineering, and testing

offchain services and tooling [rust, typescript, scala/java, python]

smart contracts [solidity, foundry]

business uncertainty reduction

* estimating/modeling the risks of high-stakes decisions (even seemingly unquantifiable ones)

* finding unchallenged assumptions

* designing cheap experiments that drastically reduce uncertainty